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Shark vacuums include well-known models like the Rotator, the Navigator and now the Rocket. Shark has been a pioneer with its innovative anti-allergen "complete seal" technology. Its "super-swivel" design has also been popular. Given the quality of Shark products, we at Crucial Vacuum are proud to offer a line of belts and other parts that can help you to get maximum life and suction capacity from your unit. Our secret is simple — we manufacture the high-quality parts that we sell. There's no middleman to drive up the price.

When you order at our online store, you'll enjoy the perfect combination of quality, price and rapid delivery. Skip the repeat trips to the repair store, and order the parts you need via Crucial Vacuum. As you complete your self-repair, trust that our skilled techs are here to offer any assistance that you might require. Let's partner to get your Shark vacuum back in service ASAP.