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Replacing missing or cracked brushes or rollers for your Rainbow cleaner is easy. At Crucial Vacuum, we carry the floor brush, upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice tool designed to fit many Rainbow series models. For your convenience, we sell them individually or as a four piece kit.

We also carry the filters you need to keep your Rainbow cleaner working efficiently. Our Rainbow Rexair HEPA filters help remove dust, mites and pollen from your home. You can also find a Rainbow Rexair Cleaner E Series washable and reusable exhaust HEPA filter, an environmentally friendly option compared with traditional disposable filters.

Crucial Vacuum sells a complete line of replacement brushes and filters for your Rainbow vacuum cleaner. All of our parts are manufactured to perfectly fit your machine. We also sell our products at a significant savings over name-brand parts, saving you money on your vacuum repair and supplies.