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Repairing your EuroPro Shark Vacuum Cleaner is easy, convenient and affordable with Crucial Vacuum. We carry washable dust cap filters and replacement batteries for your EuroPro cleaner. We manufacture our parts to meet exact model specifications, so you can be sure that your replacement parts look and function just like the original while saving you money.

Our high-efficiency dust cap filters are washable and reusable. These filters are essential for all allergy sufferers because they lock in dirt, dust, dander and pollen. When the filter is changed every three to six months, your home can stay clean, comfortable and allergen free. Crucial Vacuum's high-efficiency, long-life battery can be used as a replacement or spare battery, ensuring that your EuroPro Shark is ready for any mess.

Crucial Vacuum has a great service department that will answer any of your product or installation questions, making repairs to your vacuum easier than ever.