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You can save a lot of money when you replace or repair vacuum cleaner parts as opposed to buying a whole new appliance. Not only is that better for your bank account, but it creates less waste. When it's time to fix your LG Vacuum, let Crucial Vacuum help you.

Our replacement parts are manufactured to the highest industry standards, and we pass the savings on to you! By purchasing from us, you can get the high-quality products you want without breaking your budget. We have LG-compliant replacement parts in stock that will fit most models. We carry agitator brush rollers and belts that will work with LG LUV200R and LUV300B models. We also sell washable foam pre-filters and belts that will fit LG Vacuums. Crucial Vacuum not only carries parts to keep your LG Vacuum running smoothly, but our service department is happy to help you with any questions on installation.