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Many commercial Swiffer pads are disposable, significantly increasing the cost of using your cleaner. At Crucial Vacuum, we sell reusable and washable pads made specifically to fit the Swiffer Wet Jet. Reusable pads are economical and environmentally friendly.

Our Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning pads are made of a durable microfiber. This microfiber locks in dirt while leaving your floor shiny and clean. We carry four and eight packs for your convenience.

In additional to reusable pads, we also carry air filters for the Swiffer Sweeper. Crucial Vacuum's Swiffer Sweeper Vac high-efficiency allergen filters help to keep your home clean and safe. These filters trap dust and pollen, keeping these allergens out of the air.

All of our reusable pads and sweeper filters are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure they fit as well as the original name-brand parts did. Because we manufacture Swiffer replacement parts ourselves, we pass along the savings directly to the customer!