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Handheld vacuum cleaners give you a compact way to tidy up around the house. Some messes aren't big enough to warrant lugging a heavy canister or upright model around. That's where our high-quality portable handheld cleaners come in handy. You can easily clean up cobwebs, pet hair and other small messes without straining. These smaller machines are also ideal for cleaning in corners and under furniture where larger cleaners can't reach.

Our handheld vacuums come with all the parts and accessories you need to keep your home spic and span. With attachments for cleaning carpets and upholstery as well as bare floors, you'll be able to zap messes without hassle in every room. Keep the furniture looking great with dust wands and get into those hard-to-reach areas with a crevice tool. Having one of these sturdy, compact cleaners around the house is sure to make your daily cleaning routine easier.